Blackjack is the most exciting and simple gambling game played in each casino. Gaining popularity of Blackjack Online has given players with convenience of playing by sitting in your home. However, for beginners to become the professional players it is very important they have the complete knowledge of these rules that are used to play Blackjack. Basic rules that are used to play Blackjack are provided below-

Goal of Blackjack

At Blackjack every player competes against dealer. Players in the blackjack are needed to reach to a card score of twenty on and near to it to beat the dealer & winning this game.

Card Values

The aces are worth 1 or 11 as well as face cards (Kings, Jacks, and Queens) are worth ten points. Other regular cards from two to ten carry same points like the numbers.


In case, player exceeds cards total of twenty one then it is been considered as the ‘bust’ because of player looses their bet.


The tie between score of a dealer & player is named ‘push’ and in this get it back.


The player wins automatically in case, he or she attains total of twenty one from the face card & Ace. It is named ‘Blackjack’ where player generally tends to win half of their money, which he or she had bet for.

Playing this game

In the Blackjack game both player and dealer are given with 2 cards and dealer has 1 card face up & other face down. Player takes these cards to get much closer to the score of twenty on and after player is done dealer draws cards. Dealer isn’t allowed to draw the cards after score of seventeen. Player who actually ends up with little more score then dealer without busting will win this bet. In the process player use various betting choices given –


The player uses ‘stand’ button while he wish to submit total count they have.


Players use ‘hit’ button while they need more of cards.


The player will use split option while he gets 2 cards of the same value.